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When congestion strikes – reach for your wool socks.

Updated: Mar 15

Alpaca Wool Socks from Vitacore Office

Warming Sock Therapy:

A Simple & Natural Remedy for Colds, Flus, Fevers & More

Headaches, head colds, and bouts of nasal congestion plague us throughout the year, making an otherwise pleasant day drag by slowly.

These conditions can arise from the body's intelligent response to a buildup of toxins (metabolic byproducts) in the blood and its attempt to release them.  Suppressing these symptoms is not an optimal solution and not conducive to long term health and vitality. 

So, what's an effective naturopathic-remedy?

A simple solution to these common maladies is the Warming Sock Therapy. This is an old traditional hydrotherapy modality, which originated in Europe.

This treatment, oftentimes, works within an hour by pulling congested blood from the head to the feet, to warm up. This process decreases the head/chest congestion significantly as well as increases the circulation of blood and lymph.

Warming Sock Therapy has also been shown to decrease fevers by about 1°F on average and assists in breaking fevers when the body is ready.

The warming socks therapy is a safe at-home natural relief modality for colds, flu, fever, sinus congestion, neuropathy, wound healing, and venous stagnation.

Wool Socks on Man and Woman

Golden Tip: Don't Leave Them Behind!

I generally pack my Warming Sock Therapy supplies, minimally 85% wool socks and a pair of thin cotton socks, whenever I travel. That way, I have a home remedy on hand for many of the common ailments that end up impacting daily quality of life, especially while on vacation or at a conference. Enjoy the rapid benefits of this simple treatment, spread the word and share this blog post to those you care for!


1. Wool Socks

(85% or more wool) 

*VitaCore Holistic carries 100% Alpaca wool socks at the clinic (2 pairs for $28)

2. Cotton Socks

(60% or more cotton) 

3. Cold Water

4. Herbal Tea (Optional) Warming Sock Therapy will only provide benefit if the feet and body are warm. Wear extra layers or have a cup of warming herbal tea to help warm the feet and body if they are cold. If your feet and body are already warm, this step is not necessary.


Important: Do not use this therapy if your feet or body are cold (see note in Supply List).

Be prepared to rest or sleep for four or more hours after placing the Warming Socks on. This procedure is best done before going to sleep at night.

Step 1:

Place a pair of thin cotton socks in a bowl of ice-cold water or run under cold water.

Step 2:

Squeeze as much excess water out of the cotton socks as possible making them damp but not dripping wet.

Step 3:

Apply damp, cold cotton socks on your warm feet and immediately place dry wool socks over them.

Step 4:

Lay down and rest, or sleep. Do not remove the double sock layers (both cotton and wool) until the cotton socks are dry.

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