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Intense, Shooting, Lower Back Pain

Actually felt much better soon after, was feeling almost 90% back to normal within a couple of days; was grateful that I was able to see him on short notice on a Saturday, since I was flying out of town on an international trip the upcoming Tuesday and was anxious about sitting in the airplane for an extended period of time and my back acting up; but fortunately for me was able to travel for 12 days round trip and was able lug our suitcases around without giving it a second thought.


Basically, fine tunes certain things about our bodies that are off kilter, (which make it difficult to heal), and resets them, so one can start healing again and he provides good advice and future support to help prevent injury and illness in the long run.


I am a physician myself, an MD who works in the hospital system, and I realize that an effective modality of treatment requires education, time and a holistic approach in addition to pharmaceuticals and/or surgery alone.


The hallmark of a truly great doctor is the one who prevents sickness in the first place.

-Akbar A.

Chronic Left Shoulder Pain

My pain completely resolved and my Range Of Motion improved by 80%.


Its painless, easy, and fast. I felt really comfortable. 


Neck Pain, Knee Pain, and General Physical Advice

Dr Haque initially asked for background information which dictated how and where he would provide treatment, adjustments, and advice on how to move forward. I felt great after the treatment, my neck pain was substantially less and following his advice in regards to certain changes, I was able to recover fully. 


I would recommend Dr Haque's treatment because it provides lasting solutions and not bandage approaches. He is very considerate of others and seeks to meet them where they are in order to provide solutions to their lifestyles. 


I sought alternative healthcare because of it being less invasive and more holistic in its approach. And the results speak for themselves. 

-Kamil U.

Chronic Jaw Stiffness and Pain

After just a few minutes of treatment, I felt much better, and I am still pain free to this day!


He takes the time to figure out what is causing the issue. He then takes as much time as necessary to make sure it is resolved. 


I sought out alternative care because I didn't want to regularly take medicine or do physical therapy. I've heard that naturopathic treatment can offer pain relief, so I decided to try it out. If someone has doubts about it, I would tell them to just try it out. If it works, then their issue has been resolved. If it doesn't, then they can look for other options. There's no harm in trying, because it may just work for you.

-Ismaeel G.

Right Shoulder Pain

I couldn’t believe how quickly my shoulder healed after seeing Dr. Haque. I had this pain for 3 years and saw many different docs who gave me many different medications and treatments that did not work.


Dr. Haque’s approach to my shoulder pain was unlike anything any doc has done for me before. I had previously gotten an MRI of my shoulder that was unremarkable and then I was still given steroids for it, Dr. Haque evaluated my entire body to deduce the shoulder pain was actually stemming from an open ileocecal valve in my intestines! Once he treated the open valve the shoulder pain went away after 3 years! I don’t know any other doc that would have known to do this!


Alternative healthcare practitioners think in a different way and because of that, Dr. Haque was able to find and treat the root cause of my pain, and not just cover up the symptoms with pain meds.

-Jason W.

General Check-Up

After a thorough evaluation of my body using various muscle testing techniques, Dr. Haque performed a cranial correction after which I felt an immediate positive effect. I felt lighter on my feet, and more relaxed throughout my shoulders. I slept better and had an overall feeling of better well-being.


Dr. Haque is truly a professional in his field. His muscle testing techniques were outstanding and I was very impressed by his skills in diagnosis. He's friendly,  approachable, has good bed side manners, and answered all the questions I had completely. 


Where conventional medicine has its drawbacks, alternative healthcare can offer solutions from a different viewpoint. When I was first under the care of Dr. Haque I was a skeptic and asked many questions to gain a better understanding of this modality of medicine. Dr. Haque explained to me through his words and showed me through his treatments how effective alternative healthcare can be.

-Zahir W.

Episodes of Numbness, Tingling, and Weakness in Extremities 

I was diagnosed earlier with hereditary neuropathy, so I saw Dr. Haque to see if he could help me with my constant episodes of numbness, tingling, and weakness . I also went in for my stomach because I’m always experiencing indigestion.


Immediately, I felt better after my first treatment with Dr. Haque because he gave me a sense of hope that my health would get better. He taught me how the body is self-healing, and how his treatment would guide me to get healthier and stronger. It’s been about a year and a half since I’ve been receiving continuous treatment and I’ve regained lots of strength and feeling back in my legs and hands. I feel so much more happier and vibrant! 


Not only does he help free you from your illness, he makes you constantly aware of making choices towards a healthy and fulfilling life.


I was seeing other doctors for the same reason, but I wasn’t getting results. I was being prescribed narcotics and they were just deteriorating me. The side effects of my prescription medicine were just simply horrible. I wanted a healthier alternative where my wellness wasn’t compromised. Your health shouldn’t be resolved with a microwave solution. It takes planning, knowledge, guidance and compassion to get on that path of wellness, and that’s exactly what Dr. Haque’s treatment does. I’m living proof that alternative medicine works! 

-Selena G.

Stomach Acidity, Eyesight Enhancement for Reading, and Knee Pain

Amazing, very detail oriented. Has the right mind set of wanting to solve the problem. Spends time with you and focuses on root causes. My problems have always been solved.


Not only does he help free you from your illness, he makes you constantly aware of making choices towards a healthy and fulfilling life.


I wanted long term medication free solution.


Extreme Neck, Shoulder, and Forearm Pain Causing Stress and Insomnia

Dr. Haque took his time to listen to my concerns which, for me, was very important.  Other healthcare providers don't spend much time listening. He explained his treatment process and walked me through every step, which made me feel very comfortable. He also talked to me about changing my diet to promote a healthy lifestyle and prevent illness.  He recommended a few natural supplements which really made a difference.

After being treated by a muscle and bone specialist, and being seeing by a physical therapist and chiropractor without the outcome I was looking for, I decided to venture into naturopathic medicine and am glad I did. I wish the whole world knew about it. It's the best form of medicine practiced in my opinion.

-Abdulhaq J.

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