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Begin Your Journey to Optimal Health

We bring you a level of vitality worth experiencing by reviving the potent medicine offered by the tradition of holistic medicine.

Taking the First Step

By addressing the root cause of health issues, rather than just treating symptoms, we can help you achieve optimal health and wellness.


Know the value of your health and how it impacts all aspects of your life, and even those around you.


Work with a practitioner who can help unravel the mystery of your dis-ease.


Experience the change in your quality of life and enjoy the continuous benefits of increased vitality.

At VitaCore, we are here to help your body function optimally so that you can reach your healing potential. 

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Benefits of Naturopathy


Individualized Treatment Plans

To correct the root cause of your dis-ease


Non-Invasive Modalities

To fulfill the Hippocratic oath of "First Do No Harm"

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To relieve chronic and acute symptoms

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Home: Why Naturopathy?

Our Philosophy

We treat the body as a whole, and the body takes care of the specific illnesses by itself. This means that naturopathic medical communities have seen almost every type of ailment walk through the door and have been able to provide something for everyone.

At VitaCore, our goal is to pinpoint and remove the obstructions to healing from your body so that you can thrive.

Home: Why Naturopathy?


"Dr. Haque took his time to listen to my concerns which, for me, was very important...He explained his treatment process and walked me through every step, which made me feel very comfortable."

Abdulhaq J.

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